Gadget Software’s patent pending Atomic Reading Structure optimizes content for mobile with our Object-Oriented Content architecture.

It takes enormous amounts of information such as text, diagrams, charts, procedures and more, and chops, slices and dices it into usable data objects that can be searchable, savable and streamed directly to mobile devices. Content is reconfigured in a mobile optimized manner without losing the integrity or the meaning of the content. Our ARS Objects are self-describing as well, enabling for the first time, complete context around content, data and information, giving users the ability organize, search and discover what they need the palm of their hands.

The benefits of these message-based objects means users are no longer overwhelmed by endless scrolling, pinch to zoom and everlasting downloads. Even more, users are able to instantly search for the information they need to the most granular level with our advanced contextual search.





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