The market is consistently changing and your business needs to keep up.

Enormous capital costs as well as upstream and downstream efficiency, limits your ability to reinvent the wheel for each solution. And time and time again, companies have to journey far beyond process enhancement to really affect change. Gain an edge in your business with our GadgetONE platform, streaming mission critical information directly to your entire user community. Get to market faster and boost productivity, and drive growth in an ever-changing ecosystem. Enable the digital transformation of your essential information to reduce costs, ensure worker safety and modernize your entire production process.

Let Us Show You How

Features & Benefits

  • Transform entire repositories of traditional text-based content or fixed digital content into dynamic, interactive, streaming software experiences.
  • Gadget Software’s Atomic Reading Structure™ allows for reimagination of content without compromising quality. Content is simply restructured and atomized for the universal first screen: Mobile.
  • Powerful search allows employees, users, distributors, suppliers and partners to easily find the most current information.
  • All content objects can be personalized and saved in the form of a Playlist.
  • Become an industry leader in the IoT (internet of things) connected world.
  • Differentiate content from competitors with this new channel for publishing and distributing content.
  • Gadget Software’s LiveClient provides every company with a white labeled app.
  • Accelerate time to market with fresh content.
  • Automate procedures, protocols and processes.
  • Establish a 1:1 relationship with users and customers, continuously improving the user experience and building brand loyalty.