Intern Spotlight- Forida Yeasmin

By January 14, 2017Uncategorized
Forida Yeasmin

Forida worked on converting textbook content into vPubs™ with the Gadget Software Product team.  Outside of the office you can find Forida reading, designing or decorating in her spare time.  Learn more below!

What college do you attend and what year are you in?

Rutgers University, Newark- Senior

What is your major or area of study?

Information Systems

What has been your favorite part of your internship?

Working with different platform managers and learning about the many different areas that Gadget Software is involved in.

What is your favorite app?


How often are you on the phone everyday?

Almost every 30 minutes if I’m not working or in a class.

What digital tools do you use to learn inside and outside of the classroom?

Laptops and cell phones

How has your experience been with Gadget Software?

I know more about QA testing, products, and softwares/applications. That will be helpful to keep in mind in the future. Also, the open creativity gave me a lot of experiences to build on.