Letter to Future Gadget Software Interns

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Dear Future Gadget Software Interns,

Your experience at Gadget Software will be like no other. You will learn more here than you ever would in a classroom. Your coworkers are all your teachers, everyone here has something to teach you. Be open minded and allow yourself to thrive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they want to be heard. Never feel like your voice is going to be silenced. When you notice something or have an opinion speak it. You won’t be judged or criticized. Everyone here wants you to be the best and most productive version of yourself. You wouldn’t have got the internship if multiple people in the company didn’t see you as more than capable. So know that you are capable. Everyone has a different background, skill, perspective and mindset. Get to know everyone, make conversation and don’t be shy. Being shy will only rob you of opportunities and connections. This is your chance to grow as a person and build a foundation for your future. Take advantage of it. Don’t slack off when you get tired…everyone gets tired at some point. You will be expected to perform. Think outside of the box, what you may think is a “silly” idea could actually become a great asset to Gadget Software. You have nothing to lose by speaking your mind and allowing creative ideas to flow.

Remember that you are not an expert in your field yet, it really is okay to make mistakes. Don’t let your mistakes diminish your ambition. If you got this internship, it is because you possess something special so remember that if you ever lose a little bit of confidence. The concept of the vPub™ is like no other, and neither are you so never conform to what you think you “should be”. Different is needed here. Be you. The only true mistake you could make here is not being yourself.

There is a lot of culture, good food, and experiences to be had in Newark besides your internship. Don’t accept Newark’s reputation, be open minded. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a farmers market, they sell little nick knacks, fresh juices, cuban sandwiches and unique empanadas. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you will end up being pleasantly surprised. The interns usually go out to lunch together and bond over good food and conversation. Get to know them, they are all great, intellectual, compassionate and pure. Everyone has different tastes and likes and that’s a large part about what makes Gadget Software so unique. Your differences will be admired not criticized.

​The atmosphere of the office is bright, open, stress free and creative. The vibe of the office is a positive one and it definitely helps get you going on those early mornings!

Really appreciate the opportunity you have here, because not many people will ever get to experience a job where they are truly valued and part of a real team. Good luck!

-Sophie Edwards (A Gadget Software Marketing Intern)

Sophie Edwards

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