Meet Donnie Damon- Team Spotlight

By August 20, 2017Uncategorized
Donnie Damon

1.) What is your favorite part about working at Gadget Software?

Interaction with people from diverse backgrounds moving towards a common goal.

2.) How would you describe the culture of Gadget Software?

An odd combination of laid back and 100% focused. Everyone is capable of making their jobs look easy while giving maximum effort.

3.) What are some of the biggest projects you’ve worked on with the Product team?

The client updates to make the application look inviting has been the biggest project to date. It’s still on-going and ever-changing so the project is only getting bigger.

4.) What is some advice you would give to someone trying to launch a career in Product?

Have a deep understanding of the need and identify the best way to fill that need. Then you can make a product that everyone will find useful and enjoyable.

5.) What’s the last thing you read this year?

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child because who doesn’t love Harry Potter.

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