Meet Paula Burt- Team Spotlight

By August 28, 2017Uncategorized

1.) What is your favorite part about working at Gadget Software?

Every week is exciting as the next. We are constantly building and evolving as a company to truly meet the needs of the 21st century consumer.

2.) How would you describe the culture of Gadget Software?

Dedicated, smart and pioneering.

3.) What are some of the biggest projects you’ve worked on with the Sales team?

A couple months ago, marketing and sales teamed up to have several focus groups in NYC and Philly. It was amazing and eye opening to see users interact with our products.

4.) What is some advice you would give to someone trying to launch a career in Sales?

Support a product you believe in. When you are 100% behind an idea, mission, and product, explaining and promoting it is a lot more natural.

5.) What’s the last thing you read this year?

Dracula of course! Our vPub™ of Dracula is so engaging and interesting – I read it several times to find each new element our product team integrates into the title.

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