Do It For Me (DIFM)

Our Content Engineering team converts PDFs and manages vPub Smart Manuals for you.

The Continuous Publishing Process.

Content Engineering Roles

Publication Architect

Publication Architects create blueprint specifications by which LiveClient channels and vPub Smart Manuals are designed. They also oversee the activities of vPub Designers and Content Analysts.

vPub Designer

vPub designers gather user engagement requirements to define the content layout, look and feel for publications. Designers import, organize and publish vPub Smart Manuals. Designers work closely with analysts and architects.

Content Analyst

Content analysts determine the best atomization strategy for a publication. Analysts use atomization processing tools to create and prepare data elements for the Atomic Reading Structure module. Content analysts work closely with vPub designers.

Atomization Tools Developer

The Atomization Tools Developer writes software that analyzes publications, catalogs structure and atomizes the content.  Tools developers work closely with Content Analysts.