Transform PDF Manuals into vPub Smart Manuals

The Gadget ONE™ Content Services Platform transforms PDF manuals into Smart Manuals for touchscreens. Your business can leverage 4 key technologies to enable faster time to information over PDF.

vPub Smart Manual

Deliver, connect and talk back

  • vPubs consist of content modules and services.
  • Modules optimize content for mobile devices.
  • Integrate notifications, geo-fencing, maps and other technologies.
  • Modules can connect to external data sources.
  • A real-time mobile simulator displays layout, updates and the interactive user experience.
ARS ATOM Records
ATOM Record Editing

Atomic Reading StructureTM Module

Faster delivery of Technical Content

  • Reading reference manuals is different from reading novels. Novels are read linearly from cover to cover and reference manuals are read selectively.
  • Technical reading is precise. Specific pieces of information are selected to complete tasks or gain understanding.
  • Atomic Reading Structure (ARS™)  module stores content in the Adaptive Thin Object Model (ATOM™) record.  Each ATOM record contains a unique concept which can link to other ATOM records, vPub modules and data sources.

Four steps to transforming PDF into the Atomic Reading Structure module:


  • Analyze PDF publications for key sections.
  • Extract sections as data elements.
  • Load each data element is into the Atomic Reading Structure module as an ATOM record.


    • Load ATOM records with original styling
  • Enhance with additional multimedia.


Organize ATOM records into topics to speed information discovery.

LiveClientTM App

vPub Hub

  • A library of vPub Smart Manuals arranged by collections managed by companies, divisions, departments and etc.
  • Collections organize vPub Smart Manuals into themes.
  • Push-notifications, geo-fencing, favoriting and playlists available.
LiveClient is the gateway to all vPubs, enabling readers to favorite those frequently used.
Playlist lets readers customize the reading experienced.


Capture Ideas

  • Customize the reading experience by adding ATOM records to lists.
  • Add ATOM records to lists with the touch of a button.
  • Organize ATOM records from multiple vPub Smart Manuals.