Transform PDF Manuals into vPubTM Smart Manuals

The Gadget ONE™ platform transforms PDF manuals into Smart Manuals. Four key technologies enable fast access to information.


Smart Manual

  • vPub™ content modules and services

  • Content modules optimized for mobile devices.
  • Integrate notifications, geo-fencing, maps and other technologies.
  • Modules can connect to external data sources.

Atomic Reading Structure™

Fastest delivery of reference information

  • Reading reference manuals is different from reading novels. Novels are read linearly from cover to cover and reference manuals are read selectively.
  • Technical reading is precise. Specific pieces of information are required to complete tasks or gain understanding quickly.
  • Atomic Reading StructureTM (ARS) stores content as topics or specific procedural steps to facilitate fast retrieval of information.

The steps to transforming PDF into a vPub™ Smart Manual


Atomization Conversion Engine (ACE)

  • Analyze PDF publications
  • Extract key metadata
  • Insert topics into ARS.XML


Atomic Reading Structure

  • Add ARS Module to vPub™ SmartvPub Manual
  • Import ARS.XML containing topics  into ARS
  • Enhance topics with audio, video and services


vPub™ Smart Manual

  • Associate to LiveClient App to access enhanced capabilities
  • Use URL to replace PDFs documents in existing mobile apps.

LiveClient™ App


  • A library of vPubs™ arranged by collections managed by companies, divisions, departments and etc.
  • Collections organize vPubs™ into themes.
  • Push-notifications, geo-fencing, favoriting and playlists available.


Capture Ideas

  • Customize the reading experience by adding topics to lists.
  • Create lists with the touch of a button.
  • Mix and Match topics from multiple vPub™ Smart Manuals.

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